An efficient website draws in more customers

Did you know this site loads in under 2 seconds?
That's over 4x faster than the average website!

It is estimated that the average load time of a webpage online today is around 8.9 seconds.

Why do most sites take so long to load?

Site load time is now a critical metric used by search engines

However, it is more than that. Everyone hates a website that loads slowly - especially if you have to visit many pages to find what you're looking for. Intera Digital aims to solve both those problems.

Why site speed matters!

Why do so many sites load slowly?

The simple answer is, many websites simply weren't designed with speed in mind. Over time many websites tend to creep up in size and complexity. Perhaps you want a booking calendar here and a contact form there, and eventually all that bload starts to affect site performance.

Over the last 5 years site speed has been improving, with the top sites spending millions of pounds on ensuring their sites run smoothly. Of course, unless you are running the next Amazon speed optimisation is significantly more affordable!

Do I really need to optimise my site?

Now it is no longer a question of whether you can afford to optimise your site but whether you can afford not to! In 2014 mobile web browsing surpassed that of desktop browsing, and minimising load time and data usage on mobiles is a crucial component of remaining attractive to mobile users.

Our Service

Website Optimisation with Intera Digital

We optimise your site to be as fast as possible, but we don't take shortcuts. Your site will be just as functional as before the optimisation!

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Moving to Intera Hosting could improve your load times by 50%.


Old outdated software is often poorly optimised for performance.


Reducing plugin count can reduce load times and page size.


We will set up effective caching to reduce content load frequency.


Large uncompressed images can eat into valuable bandwidth.


We'll keep you up to date on performance - before and after!