Is your site infected with malware?

Don't be just another statistic

It is estimated that 1% of websites worldwide are infected with malware, and that the average sites gets attacked 44 times per day. Malware affects your business too, with 65% of shoppers refusing to return to sites where their information was compromised.

Intera Digital has extensive experience in removing malware from sites, as well as securing them moving forward to prevent further breaches.


How does it work?

Many services promise malware removal, so what makes Interal Digital different?

Automated Scanning

If your site is hosted on our platform a series of in-house tools will constantly monitor your site's files to check if any were changed, and if so, whether common malware was installed. If so, we will remove it.

Manual Review

Unlike most services we will manually review code in your site, checking by hand for any signs of malware. This means even cleverly hidden malware that might fool automated scanning will be found.

Post-clean Security

After we remove the malware from your site we will install security features onto your site to minimise the risk of future malware. We will also recommend moving to our hosting platform if your site is hosted elsewhere.

Interested in our services?

When dealing with malware speed is key. Often malware will install further vulnerabilities to allow the attacked to install more malware. Additionally, Google will quickly remove your site from search results to protect users.

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