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E-commerce at Intera Digital

Our E-commerce Build Process

As with our other website development services we aim to deliver an excellent website that meets all of your needs. For our E-commerce platform we use Shopify provide an excellent Software As A Service (SaaS) solution.


Discussion & Planning (1 week)

We first sit down with you and make sure we fully understand your requirements, and propose solutions.

Design (2-3 weeks)

We will then design a website based on your requirements, and take any comments you have on it.

Development (4-6 weeks)

Once the designs are signed off we will begin to build your site using the Shopify platform.

Product Loading (1-2 weeks)

Launching with an empty store looks unprofessional, we will help you load products onto the store prior to launch.

Testing & Launch (1 week)

After development is complete your site will be thoroughly tested and when you're happy we will put it live.

Why we use


for our E-commerce sites

Shopify is fast becoming one of the largest E-commerce platforms online. Below are just a few reasons why we use Shopify for many of our E-commerce sites.

Unlimited Products

Shopify places no limits on the product or collection count.

Multiple Sales Channels

Integrate third party sales channels like eBay and Amazon.

In Store Integration

Shopify supports their own Point of Sale service for your store.

No Downtime

Shopify's cloud infrastructure means downtime is rare.

Thousands of Extensions

Shopify is flexible but offers further extension through apps.

20+ Payment Gateways

Use Shopify Payments or one of dozens of payment gateways.

Frequently Asked E-commerce Questions

Below are a few questions we get frequently from customers regarding our E-commerce solutions, if you still have questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

I already have a website - how can I move it to Intera Digital?

If you already have a Shopify store we can simply take over supporting that site for you. If you have an E-commerce solution built on another platform please get in touch to discuss this with us.

How much do you charge for Shopify hosting?

Shopify is a hosted service, which has its own costs associated. Please see the Shopify Pricing page for details on pricing. Intera Digital doesn't charge you extra for this hosting, but we do charge a support fee of £30 per month depending on your requirements.

I require a complex website, can you accomodate this?

Shopify is very flexible, but if you have an special requirements we can discuss alternatives to Shopify.

Will my Shopify site get hacked?

Shopify works differently from many platforms, by not allowing you to directly execute code on their platform. This makes the platform considerably more secure against hacking attempts, as malicious actors cannot install code on the site that would, for example, harvest your customers credit card details.