Hosting Terms Of Service

These terms and conditions encompass the Intera Digital hosting platform and set out key definitions and allowable content.

Hosting and Support Packages

Standard Hosting – £10/Month

Your site will be hosted on our cloud hosting platform and we will maintain regular back-ups of your site. If for any reason your site was to go down, we would revert it to the most recent back up free of charge.

Our malware scans will inform us of an issue on your site. We will then contact you to discuss further courses of action

Any changes or repairs would be charged at our normal hourly rate

Supported Hosting – £40/Month

As well as your site being hosted on our server and backed up daily you will get all of the benefits below:

Unlimited free content changes

With supported hosting Intera Digital will make any content changes to your site free of charge. This includes the following:

  • Changing text on pages or posts
  • Adding or removing images from pages
  • Changing phone numbers or contact details in your website header/footer

The following are NOT included in "unlimited free content changes", and will thus be charged at our normal rate:

  • Changes to the design or feel of the site
  • Modification of image elements (direct editing of images)
  • Installation or integration of new features to the site (such as a booking calendar)
  • Reversal of pages modified as a consequence of user error, except through the restoration of backups
  • Removal of malware

Plugin updates

Where relevant, we will ensure all plugins on your site are always fully up-to-date. We will also make you aware of any plugins which have reported vulnerabilities to ensure site security.

Monthly google analytics reporting

We will send you detailed analytical reports on your website traffic to help you understand how much traffic you are receiving and where it comes from. We can then work with you to determine how we can best maximise that traffic and increase conversions.

Additionally we’ll send you reports on how Google see your website and if there any errors, as well as fixing them. Keeping Google happy goes a long way to making sure your website is ranked highly.

Personal Account Management

We value our supported clients, and in order to ensure we are fully in the loop with your requirements we will assign you an account manager. They are dedicated to making sure you are getting everything out of your site possible. At the very least you will have a monthly call to take you through your report and make sure your site is completely up to date.

E-commerce Hosting Support Package - £30/Month

For sites hosted on the Shopify platform we offer support to these sites which covers many of the same features as our supported hosting package.

In addition to the exclusions from "unlimited free content changes", the addition of products is also excluded.

Bespoke Hosting – On Request

If your site has very specific requirements that fall outside of our normal hosting platform we can accommodate this. Any bespoke hosting packages are subject to their own terms & conditions.

Chargeable Work

Work that fall outside of any support package will be charged at our standard hourly rate of £70/hour. We will always endeavour to get work done as quickly as possible, and only charge for hours worked.

All prices shown exclude VAT